The Alabama Territorial Legislature created Morgan County on Feb. 6, 1818 with properties acquired from Cherokee and Chickasaw Indian tribes two years earlier.

The county was first named Cotaco, but was changed in 1821 in honor of Gen. Daniel Morgan, an American Revolution hero.

Somerville was the first county seat and remained in the position until 1892 when it was transferred to Decatur.

From 1861-1865 Morgan County was a hotbed for the Civil War with Union and Confederate armies marching through the area numerous times. Hundreds of Morgan County men fought in the war and the majority of white soldiers fought under the confederate banner. Close to 100 fought for the Union. Morgan County was the only in the state to form an African American infantry that was made up of former slaves who came to Decatur during the Union’s occupation.

After the war the county experienced hardship but rebounded after the Louisville and Nashville Railroad laid tracks for operation in the 1870s.

Over the years, the county would continue to have ups and downs but always bounced back through new industry and innovation of local leaders.

Today, the county has a strong industrial base with one full industrial park and one that’s beginning to fill. The county is also increasing its technology base and major retail chains are frequently locating here.

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